SSDT 2020 abgesagt

      SSDT 2020 abgesagt

      In Schottland sind alle Motorradsport Veranstaltungen bis 31.05. abgesagt worden, somit gibts dieses Jahr auch keine six days....

      LATEST NEWS - 2020 Scottish Six Days Trial and Pre’65 Scottish Cancelled

      The Edinburgh and District MC confirm that the SSDT and the Pre’65 Scottish trials, due to be run in May, have been cancelled.

      Following advice from the Scottish Government, the Scottish Autocycle Union have cancelled all motorcycle sporting events up to 31 May.

      Competitors who have entered the events will be contacted shortly to advise on refunded fees.

      Pete Bremner
      Chairman E&DMC

      If you have purchased tickets for the Evening with Bernie Schreiber event then you will also be contacted and refunded.

      Have a look. Not only expected, also sensible. Last thusday Germany had 1866 cases. 4 days later, 6200. Germany is a few weeks behind China. The UK is a few weeks behind Germany. We will get house arrest here soon but we have to flaten the curve. Stop people meeting. Stop the transmission. The death statistics dont describe the suffereing in Italy now. Hospital in Bergamo has 20 IC rooms and 1000 patients needing oxygen. 160 dead yesterday. The death is like drowning but over a week. Stay at home. Flatten the curve. No health system will handle it. Stopping the spread will ease things...just a little. One million cases in Germany are expected. No reason to believe the uk will be different. Dont be egoistic DONT GO FUCKING SKIING ... talk to your wifes and kids.
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      .................I have an alternative to Torfu for non vegitarians........"

      oh really, what is that?